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The Hyperconvergence Experts

Jerome Technology brings everything you need to build resilient systems with our software-defined platforms, tools and solutions for modern data centers. Our solutions are suitable for small medium enterprises, large GLCs, federal & state government ministries & agencies.


Distributed Network Monitoring Tool

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure Platform

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Backup Solution For HCI Systems

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Insanely scalable. Easy to manage. World class support.

At Jerome Technology, we build hyperconverged infrastructure systems for our customers and users. We provide software that harness the use of commodity server hardware. System administrators can scale HCI building blocks from zero to mind boggling petabytes levels, quickly and effortlessly. Say goodbye to EOL & complicated SAN systems.

Principal HCI Solutions Provider

- True Hyperconvergence Technology - Hypervisors & Containers -
- Insanely Scalable Pool Storage - Seamless Backup Service -
- Distributed Network Monitoring Tools - Software-Defined Data Center Solutions -
- Edge Routing Systems - Content Delivery Network (CDN) -
- Kubernetes Automated Deployment - Load Balancers -
- Private & Public Cloud Implementation -

Made For Network & System Administrators

We simplify the job for IT managers, system administrators and networking engineers. All support and maintenance management tools are held under a single roof, in one graphical user interface.

Support technicians can promptly remove server hardware for troubleshooting or replace them with new ones without imposing service downtime. Cluster nodes can be seamlessly added without any theoretical limitations.

And the best of all, you can scale out your hardware across multiple locations, in various regions or continents. Jerome Technology partners with you to bring your network architecture to the next level.

Facts & Truths About JeromeHCI

- The most complex stuff is handled under the hood - IT staff need only to have enough broad knowledge to apply infrastructure resources to meet individual application needs - Hyperconvergence software is designed to anticipate and handle the fact that hardware will eventually fail -

JeromeHCI Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Benefits of using JeromeHCI

- Run multiple applications with guaranteed performance across Private, Public, Hybrid and Multicloud environments - Confidently deploy Hyper Converged Infrastructure across your entire data center - Simplify and automate management to cut operating costs up to 67% - Backup, restore and design your disaster recovery plans within the same infrastructure -

Software-defined Data Centers Made Simple

Hyperconvergence In The News

Aggregated news on hyperconvergence solutions, cloud computing, content delivery networks and data center technology.

18 Mar

Malaysia must evolve its IT Infrastructure

Reading Time: 3 minutes HCI can streamline IT setups and shorten the data path and eliminate I/O bottlenecks to deliver vastly improved latency and efficiency. It also helps reduce IT cost and speed the search for data, enabling business leaders to make right business decisions, faster.

6 Mar

HCI: An Alternative to Cloud-Based Computing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hyperconverged infrastructure forms a key pillar of this modernization approach. Along with solutions such as high-performance computing to drive research initiatives and core network upgrades to provide necessary bandwidth backbones, it’s now possible for post-secondary schools to create functional frameworks capable of staying ahead of the curve.

5 Mar

Five ways the HCI market is changing

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) promises to simplify IT by combining storage and compute and usually a virtualization environment in a single system or appliance.