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Hosted Solution For Your Virtual Machines & Containers; Powered By JeromeHCI

Migrate from costly virtual machine platforms.

Exceptional dedicated & semi–dedicated solutions with full HCI platform support.

Unbeatable Virtual Machine Hosting Service With JeromeHOST

With our customised hosted services, now you can leverage on our powerful hyperconverged infrastructure solution without the costs of implementing and managing one on your own.

JeromeHOST offers virtual machine hosting service, done for you at very competitive prices.

We provide the servers, we supply the infrastructure software and we throw in secure firewall IPSec VPN access for your users. Your IT manpower focus on managing the virtual machines that you need to get your business running. We take care of the back end.

JeromeHOST is what you need to deploy your first virtual machine and enable your company to eliminate your physical servers. Our platform supports Windows servers, Linux servers or even UNIX servers.

VM file formats can be configure in native RAW files. Or if you require added virtual machine features, you can opt for either QCOW2 (QEMU/KVM) or VMDK formats. Whichever way you get started with, a JeromeHOST allows you to import/export your virtual machines, in the event you decide to setup your own private cloud HCI cluster in the near future.

JeromeHOST is not an ordinary VPS service but a full feature, virtual machine container that comes with all the software-defined networking tools that you will ever need. Check out our various starter packages and email us at [email protected] if you require an official quotation.

All packages can be setup and made ready for usage in as early 2 working days. Additional Public IP Address (RM25.00/US$6.00 monthly for each IP).

Customised virtual machine configuration can be arranged. For customers having more complex networking, a JeromeHOST system can also be provisioned on-premise at the customer’s location but such on-premise service is only available for Malaysian customers at the moment. Contact us for more details.

JeromeHOST VMDK KVM QEMU Hosting Packages