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Our company provide specialized software services and technical expertise to customers across West and East Malaysia, Singapore and Western Australia.

We provide both regular working hours support and extensive 24×7 support for our dealers and contract-specific customers.

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Jerome Technology (SA0505956-D)
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We build hyperconverged infrastructure, virtual machine backups and network monitoring software that works for data centers. Go far with hyperconvergence.

Jerome Technology takes on a benefits-led approach, allowing us to recommend the best tools and solutions to meet the needs of system administrators and IT managers of modern data centers. Jerome Technology incorporates best practices acquired through years of complex engagements in systems integration consulting. We help you realize the true benefits of your technology investments by aligning modern software-defined technology offerings with your business goals and strategies.

Jerome Technology is a professional software developer, dealing with technology-based solutions for virtualization, massively scalable storage and hyper-convergence platforms that span the enterprise, including solutions for mid-scale server rooms to large, enterprise data centers.

With the right people and the right partners, Jerome Technology is able to focus on solutions to help IT professionals cut costs, increase reliability, ease the burden of management, maximize flexibility, mitigate risk and improve service.

Our teams are consistent and fluent in multiple disciplines and products, and we can help you get from the high-level architecture of a solution all the way down to the technical configuration and implementation of endpoint products.

Jerome Technology is growing to be one of the leading IT software principal in Malaysia, we offer integrated, multi-vendor technology solutions that meet the requirements of full range of organizations, from small businesses with fewer than 100 employees to large enterprises with thousands of employees and in hundreds of locations.

Our core asset lies in our commitment and contribution to the global open source communities. Jerome Technology is a trained organization with highly specialized skills in designing and deploying alternative, non-proprietary, open source technology including small office network enhancing solutions to large data centers powered by extensive, hyper-converged virtualization platforms.

We put our God-given talents to good use, we are committed to executing our responsibilities diligently, done with no-frills, no inaccurate sloganeering and with spot-on, credible principles.

Jerome Technology places our customers first and always at the forefront. With us, you have the complete peace of mind to focus on your core business activities and leaving your IT issues with us in good hands.