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With JeromeHCI, you are no longer burdened with end-of-life issues. No more complex migration exercise from older to newer systems.

From modest, small setups seeking to consolidate server computing power to insanely large data centers supporting unlimited number of nodes, JeromeHCI is the preferred platform for engineers and systems architects.

Moving away from design models that require multiple platforms, several software products to achieve the single objective of hyperconverged infrastructure, JeromeHCI capitalise on single point of provisioning; we deliver storage convergence, compute virtualization and backup infrastructure, all-in-one platform and managed from a single interface.

Whether you are virtualizing used hardware to combine processing power or if you are designing an Openstack backend to accommodate thousands of nodes for the foreseeable future, JeromeHCI gives you the tools and features to get started, without difficult the learning curve or complicated hardware engineering.

Our maiden product JeromeHCI is a fully hyperconverged infrastructure platform solution designed for businesses and government agencies requiring quick, reliable and cost-efficient virtualization options. JeromeHCI enables engineers to quickly setup and deploy countless virtual machines and software containers, having support for almost any operating system available in the market today; including Windows, UNIX and Linux systems.

Centered around the backend of JeromeHCI is its CephFS object storage system, having excellent performance with simple hardware, with easy integration and RADOS compatibility. HA cluster and fencing technology brings redundancy to this unique storage platform, thus ensuring minimal data loss in the event of hardware failure.

CephFS enables all hard drives physically located at different nodes, to be combined and seen as one single entity at the users’ view. With JeromeHCI and CephFS, your nodes become the platform to host your physical storage drives, eliminating the need for expensive SAN servers.

Remove old nodes with new ones or simply keep adding more nodes to the cluster to add processing, memory and storage space to your system. It’s almost seamless plug and play. Gone are the days engineers worry concerning copying and restoring virtual machines when hardware fails; with JeromeHCI and CephFS, VMs and containers switches between inactive to active nodes to keep your uptime to near zero downtime.

With JeromeHCI, you are no longer burdened with end-of-life issues. No more complex migration exercise from older to newer systems. With JeromeHCI, your appications and frontend services remains operational, while your technical teams replace old hardware behind the scene. A JeromeHCI cluster keeps going and going, year after year and even for decades.

By fusing our HCI platform and backup infrastructure together with JeromeSDN, our software-defined networking software tool, create up to 4096 virtual switches with every node, link multiple sites on a public or semi-public LAN with high-powered encrypted VPN bridges, without the complexity of managing dozens or hundreds of physical VLAN switches.

Manage entire your entire cloud infrastructure from a single GUI interface.

JeromeHCI simplifies data center management with cutting edge software and modern tools.