Jerome Technology is a software principal based in Malaysia. We have five core products under our belt, namely:-

  • JeromeHCI – A hyperconverged infrastructure platform solution for enterprises
  • JeromeBI – A backup infrastructure platform that tighly integrates with JeromeHCI
  • JeromeSDN – A software-defined network routing, edge firewall & VPN platforms
  • JeromeEDGE – An enterprise distributed network monitoring platform
  • JeromeKUBE – A Kubernetes roll out platform for containers

Practically, we design and deploy software solutions for :-

  • cluster-based hypervisors and container virtual environment
  • large scale high availability clusters for zero downtime performance
  • massively-scalable hyper-converged software-defined storage platforms
  • local and metropolitan VPN networks based on software-defined networking and routing
  • integrated disaster-recovery backup modules for virtual machines and containers
  • large-scale network monitoring tools for fully converged network management tasks

At Jerome Technology, we are evangelists of software-defined architecture, cutting-edge virtualization and insanely scalable hardware infrastructures.

By working with key industry system integrators and our channel dealers, we bring powerful open source platform technology to data center operators, public and private cloud infrastructure owners, done at afforable pricing and decent after-sales customer support & services.

We are open source. Everything we do is open source.

We also provide reliable virtualisation solutions to small medium enterprises, business organisations, manufacturers and service provisioning companies, looking for alternative to expensive virtualisation solutions. Our customers in SMEs use Jerome Technology products to migrate legacy systems to hyperconverged infrastructure platforms without breaking the bank or being tied down with costly annual fees to maintain such systems.

Enterprise software developer for HCI systems.

Superior after-sales support for dealers and end-users.